Current Students

English Internship Image

Fayetteville Urban Ministry (FUM), in partnership with the FSU English Department, is searching for three (3) English majors to apply for part-time internships. Download an application here and return to the Student Engagement Committee Chair, Dr. Trela Anderson.

Faculty and Staff
  • Dr. Ji Young Kim (Chair)
  • Dr. Beth Bir (Assistant Chair)
  • Ms. Vickie Bannon (Administrative Support Associate)
  • Dr. Sara Boissonneau
  • Dr. Brenda Hammack
  • Dr. Brooksie Harrington
  • Dr. Eric Hyman
  • Ms. LaTasha Jones
  • Dr. Sarah Lyons
  • Dr. Nicole McFarlane
  • Dr. Edward McShane
  • Dr. Joshua Murray
  • Dr. Micki Nyman
  • Dr. Maria Orban
  • Dr. Dean Swinford
  • Dr. Chuck Tryon
  • Dr. Alison Van Nyhuis
  • Professor Carole Weatherford
  • Ms. Toni Thomas
  • Ms. Crystal Edmonds
  • Ms. Yuri Abdul-Latif
  • Dr. Dorothy Tatum
  • Mr. Michael Fulton
  • Ms. Kendall Dorr
  • Ms. Tecarra Sutton