English as a Second Language (Licensure)

The ESL Add-On Licensure program is a dynamic, interdisciplinary program that requires students to take courses in linguistics, second language acquisition as well as ESL teaching methodology and strategies appropriate for the ESL classroom.

Why choose a Licensure in Teaching English as a Second Language?

With a TESOL license you will gain skills in reading, writing, analyzing, and researching to prepare you for teaching English as a second language. The TESOL licensure may even take you overseas to teach English as a second language.

What Will You Learn?

Fayetteville State University traces its literary roots to Charles Waddell Chesnutt, lawyer, activist, and the first great African American novelist. At the Howard School, as FSU was know then, Chesnutt--the son of a co-founder--rose from pupil to principal. He later began a new chapter in American letters with works such as The Conjure Woman and The House Behind the Cedars. You will learn from faculty--distinguished scholars, experienced editors and award-winning authors--who are building on Chesnutt's legacy.

What Will You Do?

Teach English as a Second Language at elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels in private or public schools; in adult education settings; for non-profit organizations (U.S. Peace Corps); be a private tutor or companies in international business settings.

Faculty and Staff
  • Dr. Ji Young Kim (Chair)
  • Dr. Beth Bir (Assistant Chair)
  • Ms. Vickie Bannon (Administrative Support Associate)
  • Dr. Brenda Hammack
  • Dr. Brooksie Harrington
  • Dr. Eric Hyman
  • Ms. LaTasha Jones
  • Dr. Sarah Lyons
  • Dr. Nicole McFarlane
  • Dr. Edward McShane
  • Dr. Joshua Murray
  • Dr. Micki Nyman
  • Dr. Maria Orban
  • Dr. Raymond Summerville
  • Dr. Dean Swinford
  • Dr. Chuck Tryon
  • Dr. Alison Van Nyhuis
  • Professor Carole Weatherford
  • Ms. Toni Thomas
  • Ms. Crystal Edmonds
  • Dr. Gladys Rosser
  • Dr. Briana Murrell
  • Dr. Melissa Dykes
  • Ms. Tecarra Sutton
  • Ms. Monica Torres