Our Alumni


Fayetteville State University English Alumni teach English at regional schools and pursue graduate degrees. 

Ashton Brice (B.A., 2021) M.A. in English at NC A&T State University.

Morgan Fuller (B.A., 2021) Public Health intern at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York.

Victoria Delaney (B.A., 2021) DoD teacher (military spouse), South Korea.

Eric Middlebrook (B.A., 2021) M.A. in English.

Janee Baldwin (B.A., 2021) North Carolina Central Law School.

Ashelah Greenwood (B.A., 2021) Southern University Law Center.

Donelle Simmons (B.A., 2021) Masters of Divinity, Liberty University, Virginia.

Makayla Baldwin (B.A., 2020) Divine Empowerment International.

Amari Black (B.A., 2020) Physical Therapy school.

Carolyn Bounds (B.A., 2020) Cumberland County schools teacher (Fayetteville, NC).

Zepeng Li (B.A., 2020) Master's in TESOL at Ohio State University.

Trista Hancock (B.A., 2020) High School teacher for Cumberland County schools (Fayetteville, NC).

Khyrah Harding (B.A., 2020) Charlotte-Mecklenburg County schools, 3rd grade teacher.

Asia McNeill (B.A., 2020) Howard University Law School.

Imani McLaughlin (B.A., 2019) North Carolina Central University Graduate School, Higher Ed Administration.

Ahcledria Moore (B.A., 2019) Teacher at Westover High School (Fayetteville, NC), M.Ed., Fayetteville State University.

Senija Nickelson (B.A., 2019) Piedmont Natural Gas.

Jalyn Wells (B.A., 2019) Southern University Law Center.

Danielle Womack (B.A., 2019) EFL teacher in China.

Yannan Jia (B.A., 2019) M.Ed. at Arizona State University.

Rebecca Cooper (B.A., 2019) High School teacher.

Amanda Asztalos (B.A., 2019) World Literature teacher at Douglas Byrd High School (Fayetteville, NC).

Andrew Maynor (B.A., 2018) Teacher, Lee County Schools.

Dominique Caulder (B.A., 2018) Teaching ESL.

Katherine Hysell (B.A., 2018) Forte International Exchange.

Leann Mendoza (B.A., 2018) UNC law school.

Sarah Seguinot (B.A., 2018) active duty military.

Misha Thomas (B.A., 2018) Dental Lab Technician.

Shannon Warren (B.A., 2018) Master's in Literature from NC State University (2021), Adjunct Lecturer at FSU.

Audriana Chavis (B.A., 2017) Robeson County teacher.

Hannah Ezell (B.A., 2017) Ghostwriter and Editor; Realtor.

Kathleen Hallberg (Jacobson) (B.A., 2017) Teacher, Richmond County Schools.

Shanna Hammonds (B.A., 2017) Cumberland County middle school teacher (Fayetteville, NC).

Jalosa James (B.A., 2017) Cumberland County Schools, Library Media Coordinator (Fayetteville, NC).

Hiero Nani (B.A., 2017) law school.

Stefanie Painter (B.A., 2017) Fayetteville Technical Community College English instructor.

Shaina Wilson (Reese) (B.A., 2017) FSU Writing Center; applying to UNC-Greensboro's MFA creative writing program.

Shiyu Zheng (B.A., 2017) Graduate School at North Carolina State University.

Heather Bass (B.A., 2017) Master's from UNC-Wilmington (2020), Adjunct Lecturer at FSU.

Kiara Allen  (B.A., 2016) Teacher, Nash County Schools, Wilson County Schools.

Thomas Goins (B.A., 2016) Dean's Diversity Fellow, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

Cinnimon West (B.A., 2016) Teacher.

Gabrielle Carrero (B.A., 2015) North Carolina State University adjunct faculty.

Preston Caudle (B.A., 2015) EFL teacher in China.

Katherine Kropp (B.A., 2015) Cumberland County Schools teacher (Fayetteville, NC).

Antanesha McNeill (B.A., 2013) Cumberland County Schools teacher (Fayetteville, NC).

Cimmeon Terry (B.A., 2013) Sales, Auction Direct, USA.

Michael Fulton (B.S., 2013) Cumberland County Schools teacher (Fayetteville, NC).

Heather Harvey (B.S., 2011 and English Department Award Honoree) accepted an English teaching position at Southern Lee High School (Sanford, NC).

Pamela Pompey (B.S., 2011) accepted an English teaching position at Westover High School (Fayetteville, NC).

Brittney Chalmers (B.S., 2010) accepted an English teaching position at Pine Forest High School (Fayetteville, NC).

Dexter Days (B.S., 2010) accepted an English teaching position at Hoke County High School (Raeford, NC)

Cheresse Montgomery (B.S., 2010) accepted an English teaching position at Pine Forest High School (Fayetteville, NC).

Amber Peake (B.S., 2010) accepted an English teaching position at Westover High School (Fayetteville, NC).

Eric Rowe (B.S., 2010) accepted an English teaching position at Pine Forest High School (Fayetteville, NC).

Selina Russ (B.S., 2010) accepted an English teaching position at Hoke County High School (Raeford, NC).

Jennifer Wuester (B.S., 2010) accepted an English teaching position at Lakewood High School (Salemburg, NC).

Anca Stefan (B.A., 2008 and Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Member) accepted a lateral entry Language Arts teaching position at Gray's Creek Middle School (Hope Mills, NC), where she started an after-school club, the HoneyComb Creative Writing Workshop, that publishes student work.

Titichia Mitchell JacksonTitichia Mitchell Jackson (M.A. in English, 2008; B.A. in English and Political Science, 2006, Sigma Tau Delta Member, and Miss FSU 2004-2005) graduated from NCCU School of Law in 2011 with a Juris Doctor degree and accepted a position as a NC Legal Education Advisor for BARBRI, Inc.: "While at FSU I had the privilege to participate in many classes that broadened my writing and analytical skills. The English department faculty always made me feel excited to learn. The foundation I established at FSU has been a strong asset to my career as a practicing attorney."

Jeffrey M. Womble (B.A., 1986) served as a reporter, editor, and Newspapers in Education Coordinator for nearly 22 years at The Fayetteville Observer, North Carolina's oldest newspaper, earning awards for feature and fashion writing from The North Carolina Working Press, and he has served as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Relations at FSU since August 2004.

FSU English Alumni, please share your success stories with us.