English Language & Literature Teaching Licensure Concentration Secondary English 9-12 (BA)

The BA in English Language & Literature Teaching Licensure allows you to both major in English AND teach at the secondary level.

The B.A. English Secondary major is designed for the rigors of high school teaching and state licensure processes. This B.A. Secondary 9 - 12 teaching program provides the English content knowledge and pedagocial skills students need for career success as English teachers and literacy specialists working at the secondary school level. FSU’s High School English program has turned out some of the top educators of the state including Heather Harvey, Katherine Kropp, and Molly Dalyrmple, while others like Preston Caudle teach abroad, calling China his home now. Most teaching majors receive several high school offers upon graduation. We offer many choices in our English Department so that English teaching majors may pursue their interests as well as learn the ins and outs of pedagogy.

Here is our current program of study:

B.A. Teaching/Learning Concentration Course Requirements: Credit Hours 120

English 9-12 High School (Secondary Education) Teaching Certification, DPI North Carolina

University College Core Curriculum Requirements (Fall 2022) 38 Credit Hours

English Course Program Requirements

Required English Courses
ENGL 232 Film/Visual Literacy
ENGL 371 Lit. Theory
ENGL 411 Shakespeare
ENGL 470 Senior Seminar
Select one from each set of three or four
ENGL 211, ENGL 212, Or ENGL 310 World Lit I/II or Folklore
ENGL 220, ENGL 223, Or ENGL 301 A/A Lit I/II or Adolescent Literature
ENGL 222, ENGL 230, ENGL 231, Or ENGL 409 Linguistics, Adv. Grammar, Sociolinguist, or History of English
ENGL 311, ENGL 312, Or ENGL 432 Eng. Lit I/II or Romantic Poetry/Prose
ENGL 321, ENGL 322, Or ENGL 340 Amer Lit I/II, Short Prose, Trends ESL or TESL 341
ENGL 343, TESL 310, Or TESL 330 Teach/Tutor Writ, Princ./ TSL, or Lit/Dev/Assess
ENGL 341, ENGL 335, Or ENGL 420 Adv Comp, Publ. Studio or Digital Rhetoric
English Elective, Select any two English Courses 6
Foreign Language Courses, Any Two 6
Required Professional Education Courses
EDUC 210 Technology Application for Teachers
EDUC 211 Lab Experience in Area Schools
EDUC 310 Foundation of Education
EDUC 330 Educational Psychology and Human Development
EDUC 331 Instructional Design & Assessment
READ 320 Reading in the Content Areas
EDUC 455 Classroom Management/Principles of Sec Ed
EDUC 467 Methods
EDUC 497 (11) Clinical Experience/Student Teaching
EDUC 490 (1) Professional Education Seminar
Degree Required Total Credits 120

Deadlines/Information: A score of 24 on ACT or 1100 on SAT means one does not take Praxis I. To apply to Teacher Education, go to English Department, fill out SOE forms, see Dr. Nyman, mnyman@uncfsu.edu for Oral Exam, complete FSU Core, along with Praxis I passing scores, 156R/162W/150 M. Praxis II—English Lit/Lang Content and High School/Secondary Pedagogy Exams are required before admittance to Clinical Experience (Student Teaching).

If admitted to
Teacher Education by
Apply for Clinical
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Clinical Experience
can Occur
January 2023 Fall 2023 Spring 2022
January 2024 Fall 2024 Spring 2023
January 2025 Fall 2025 Spring 2024
January 2026 Fall 2026 Spring 2025