Advising Information

To help ensure that you get the most out of your college experience, contact your academic advisor

Why you should
contact your advisor

Even the most capable students will at times register for a class they do not need or that they have already taken. To make certain you are following the most efficient path to successful degree completion, you need to work closely with your academic advisor.  Your academic advisor is there to provide you with information regarding degree and graduation requirements. Your advisor needs you to be proactive. All it may take is a simple phone call or a quick email.

Department Advising

B.S. Sociology Academic Advising:

Ms. Shawna Feemster
Academic Advisor
Taylor Science Building, Room 108-A

M.A. Sociology Academic Advising:

Dr. Akbar Aghajanian
Graduate Program Coordinator
Taylor Science Building, Room 210-C

B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies Academic Advising:

Dr. Greg DeLone
Program Director
Science and Technology Building, Room 113