Africana Studies (Minor)

The Undergraduate Minor in Africana Studies is an 18-credit, interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with opportunities to engage in a systematic study of people of African descent throughout the African diaspora in general and African American history and culture. Although this minor is interdisciplinary, the Africana Studies program is housed and administered by the Department of Sociology.

Why Minor in Africana Studies?

Africana Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the African American experience, Africa, and the African Diaspora-the global dispersion of peoples of African descent.  This systematic study is intended for you to gain awareness of events and actions of the past relative to the black experience. Our courses focus on race, politics, the arts, culture, and history related to the Africana world.

What Will You Learn?

Hone your communications, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while developing a keen cultural understanding and interdisciplinary perspective that prepares you to thrive as a leader in your communities and careers. Africana Studies is not just for Africans or people of African descent, through it certainly holds special meanings for those groups. Consider the following benefits of an Africana Studies minor:

  • Understand the World from an Africana-informed Perspective
  • Connect and Critique Various Forms of Inequality
  • Achieve Your Personal, Professional, and Academic Goals

What Will You Do?

A minor will look great on your resume and can put you ahead of competitors in some instances. A minor can be a good marketing tool, or it can be a way to explore a second interest and still graduate in a reasonable time.