Strengthening STEM Student Success (S4) Program

Program Goal:

S4 is a federally NSF-funded grant program that focuses on supporting undergraduate STEM-major students. The overall goal of the program is to increase enrollment and completion of students in STEM degrees based on evidence of promise or "what works" initiative. To accomplish the goal, students are provided resources such as STEM Professional Seminar for Freshmen, Assessment-based Math Enhancement Courses for entry level Pre-Calculus, Flipped courses that instruct and allow practical application of learned concepts and engagement.  Students also have an opportunity to partner with a faculty mentor and conduct research while receiving a stipend.  Some students are selected to work as well as learning assistants and tutors for entry-level Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Pre-Calculus, and Physics. 

S4 Research Scholars Program

Students work one on one with a faculty mentor to conduct a research project. Research knowledge and skills equip students for graduate school preparation as well as the job market. By year 2026 all jobs will require some level of STEM skills for career success. S4 Research Scholars receive a stipend while learning how to conduct research. In addition, the Scholars present their research at local and national conferences. 

STEM Professional Seminar Course Sequence

Freshman students are introduced to specific concepts to aid in establishing a foundation for STEM majors. Various  STEM professionals visit the classrooms to share information about STEM careers and other opportunities that are resourceful during undergraduate academia as well as after graduation. 

Assessment-Based Adaptive Math

A 4 - 6 week supplemental mathematics series to support STEM students in understanding Pre-Calculus and other entry level STEM math. Current data shows that the Assessment-Based Adaptive Math has helped students increase their understanding and grades. 

Peer Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

STEM students receive tutoring for subjects in select entry level STEM courses at no cost. Advanced students have the opportunity to work as a peer tutor or a learning assistant in the classroom. This opportunity allows advanced STEM students to review concepts from previous courses while helping other students to succeed.

The 2020 STEM-ulator No Cap Seminar is a cross-disciplinary seminar that encompasses all of the STEM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The goal of this seminar is to connect students with those who are using STEM in the live environment. Both students and faculty are encouraged to come.