The MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed to give students the opportunity to develop innovative business plans and solutions and equip them with the tools to do so for their current business ventures.

The MBA program at FSU requires students to complete 39 credit hours for MBA with the concentration in Entrepreneurship. 

Concentration-specific Electives 

MGMT 675 - New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the generation and analysis of ideas and the managerial decisions necessary to operate a new venture. It emphasizes creativity and the source of ideas, an idea's operational feasibility, analysis of the environment, industry, and financial resources needed by the entrepreneur for improving the chances of success, as well as operational issues such as marketing, risk protection, and human resource management. Self-assessment and other managerial decision-making tools aid in determining the entrepreneurial interest of course participants.

Credits: 3

MGMT 645 - Electronic Commerce

The purpose of this course is to provide the essentials of electronic commerce-how it is being conducted and managed as well as assessing its major opportunities, limitations, issues, and risks. Major topics include Internet consumer retailing, business-to-business e-commerce, m-commerce, e-commerce support services, and e-commerce strategy and implementation. Students will also learn how to launch a successful online business.

Credits: 3

MGMT 655 - Management of Technology

This course represents a case based approach focusing on the integration of technology and strategy and social and ethical issues of technology management. Emphasis is placed on designing technology strategies and managing innovative systems for developing new products and businesses.

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor
Credits: 3

BADM 603 - Special Topics in Business

A study of a current topic of special interest in business.

Prerequisite:Consent of the instructor
Credits: 3

MGMT 660 - International Business Management

This course examines management concepts and the practices of multinational and foreign firms. The objectives, strategies, policies, and organizational structures of corporations engaged in various social, economic, political, and cultural environments are discussed also.

Credits: 3

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Career Outlook

Careers in Entrepreneurship

Students who graduate with an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship will have the required skills to start their own business, improve their own business and to apply for the following positions in a small to large businesses as:  

  • Founder 
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Growth Marketer 
  • Venture Capitalist