Gain the skills you need to improve your current leadership role or to climb the corporate ladder with the MBA with the concentration in Management.

MBA program at FSU requires students to complete 36 credit hours for MBA with the concentration in Management. 

Concentration-specific Electives 

MGMT 655 - Management of Technology

This course represents a case-based approach focusing on the integration of technology and strategy and social and ethical issues of technology management. Emphasis is placed on designing technology strategies and managing innovative systems for developing new products and businesses.

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor
Credits: 3

MGMT 660 - International Business Management

This course examines management concepts and the practices of multinational and foreign firms. The objectives, strategies, policies, and organizational structures of corporations engaged in various social, economic, political, and cultural environments are discussed also.

Credits: 3

MGMT 665 - Total Quality Management

Success in modern business depends on success in quality management. This course will provide the framework and methods for potential business managers and entrepreneurs to approach quality as a strategic and competitive variable. Methods to be covered include statistical process control, tolerance, and robust design. Course content draws heavily on the teachings of Drs. W. Edwards Deming, Genichi, and Taguchi.

Credits: 3

MGMT 670 - Supply Chain Management

Interest in supply chain management, both in industry and in academia, has grown rapidly over the past several years. This course represents, in an easily accessible manner, recently developed state-of-the-art models and solution methods important in the design, control, and operation of supply chains.

Credits: 3

MGMT 695 - Seminar in Management

Current issues and practices in the management of organizations. Individual or group research leading to class discussions and debates.

Credits: 3

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Career Outlook

Job Market

Careers in Management

Students who graduate with an MBA with a concentration in Management will have the required skills to apply for the following positions:

  • Operations Manager 
  • Quality Manager
  • General Manager
  • Business Manager 
  • Business Development Manager
  • Technology Manager