For those focusing specifically on financial related fields, the MBA in Finance offers a comprehensive study of financial theory, mathematics, quantitative finance, investments, markets, financial reporting and analysis, and valuation. The program may also help students prepare for professional certifications such as CPA or CFP.

MBA program at FSU requires students to complete 36 credit hours for MBA with the concentration in Finance. 

Concentration-specific Electives 

FINC 655 - International Finance

This course is designed to recognize the increasing importance of global integration of money and capital markets, a trend that is creating expanded opportunities for both investors and organizations that need to raise capital. This course will focus on macroeconomic issues such as the significance of balance of payments deficits, microeconomic issues such as capital budgeting for multinational corporations, a detailed discussion of international markets, and analysis of risk and effect of diversification on an international basis.

Credits: 3

FINC 660 - Financial Institutions

Recent developments in financial institutions and markets will be studied. The impact of new financial regulation on financial intermediaries and how it will affect operations will be investigated.

Prerequisite: FINC 620

Credits: 3

FINC 670 - Investment Analysis

The objective of this course is to help students gain an appreciation of what is involved in making investment decisions. The strategies of practicing investment professionals as well as results from theoretical and empirical research are used to introduce students to the practical aspects of investing.

Credits: 3

FINC 675 - Security Analysis

This course is a practical course in security and company analysis. Students will learn how to analyze and evaluate companies and the securities that they issue using publicly available information.

Prerequisite: FINC 620

Credits: 3

FINC 680 - Option and Futures Trading

This course provides the students with an introduction to derivative securities markets. Option and future instruments are discussed in detail, followed by valuation theory and hedging application.

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor

Credits: 3

FINC 685 - Entrepreneurial Finance

This course focuses on financing a new firm from startup to maturity. Topics include: business models and business plans, financial projections, financing new ventures through debt and equity, structuring deals through term sheets, negotiating with investors and other stakeholders, controlling growth, and managing harvest and exit.
Prerequisite: FINC 620  or equivalent

FINC 695 - Seminar in Finance

Current issues and practices in finance will be selected as problems for intensive exploration and reporting.

Prerequisite: FINC 620

Credits: 3

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Career Outlook

Job Market

Careers in Finance

Students who graduate with an MBA with a concentration in Finance will have the required skills to apply for the following positions:

  • Finance Manager 
  • Asset Manager 
  • Controlling Manager 
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Research Analyst