Project Management

The mission of the MBA Program with Project Management specialization is to prepare students and working professionals to meet the current and anticipated needs of businesses and organizations. The program emphasizes the strategic role that project management plays in the global environment and provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective leaders. Students will be prepared to become part of the vibrant Project Management community, such as by pursuing a Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. We are ranked as the #1 in online project management for our exceptional quality and affordability.


Dwight West

“I had the privilege of enrolling in the MBA program with Project Management specialization. My experience in the first semester was nothing short of transformative. The project management classes were structured in a way that prepared me for the PMP certification exam and provided me with the skills and knowledge to excel in project management. One of the key features that set the courses apart was the emphasis on practical application. Through case studies, group projects, and interactive discussions, I was able to apply these concepts to real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience was invaluable and made the transition from learning to application seamless.”

“Thanks to this rigorous training, I took the PMP certification exam in December, just a week after completing the project management courses. I am thrilled to share that I passed the PMP exam with an above-average score and earned my certification. I wholeheartedly recommend the MBA and Graduate Certificate in Project Management at Fayetteville State University to anyone looking to advance their career in project management. The investment in the program is an investment in your future, and the returns are immeasurable.”

Dwight West, PMP
MBA Candidate 2024

“I completed the Project Management graduate certificate program in Spring 2021 and achieved my PMP certification in Summer 2021. Having this education and subsequent certification opened the opportunity for me to obtain a six-month NASA internship, which eventually led me to a contractor role in project management and technical writing at NASA Ames Research Center. The project management curriculum at FSU showed me that just about everything in one’s life and work can be treated as a project. Taking readings from textbooks and articles and combining those with professor’s lectures allowed me to use project management techniques in real world applications to further my career and organize my personal life more efficiently.”

“The instructor applied a hands-on approach to learning. Allowing the students to practice the project management techniques and processes on a project of their choice created a more effective curriculum. The coursework was very interactive and the class sizes were small enough that it was possible to get to know fellow classmates, even in a virtual learning environment.”

MBA program at FSU requires students to complete 39 credit hours for MBA with the concentration in Project Management.

Concentration-specific Electives 

CPM 610 - Introduction to Project Management

This course focuses on how projects contribute to the strategic goals of the organization. The linkages of integration include the process of selecting projects that best support the strategy of a particular organization and that in turn can be supported by the technical and managerial processes made available by the organization to bring projects to completion. The topics include the complete life cycle of projects including defining, planning, execution and delivery of projects. It also talks about estimating time and costs, managing resources, and risk management. The international and future issues of project management will be discussed.

Credits: 3

CPM 620 - Communication and Procurement in Project Management

This course looks at purchasing and contracting of goods and services and how appropriate terms and conditions can favorably impact objectives. The course also examines the impact of leadership on attainment of goals; with particular emphasis on consensus versus autocratic styles, transparency of decision making, and accountability from the leader. Various human resource policies will be examined in relation to projects which have beginning and end dates versus manufacturing and office environments. Ethics and moral issues will also be explored in the context of different motivations of labor and management. Cultural clashes will also be explored for multinational environments.

Prerequisite: CPM 610
Credits: 3

CPM 630 - Tools and Techniques of Project Management

This course starts with manual techniques to manage time, costs, human resources, and quality control and then proceeds to explore current software solutions. Additionally, students will review and examine forecasting, estimating, budgeting, and auditing methods both from a theoretical and practical basis. Students will learn the analysis techniques used to evaluate compliance to objectives and how to correct for deviation from plan.

Prerequisite: CPM 610
Credits: 3

CPM 640 - Project Risk Management

Students will learn to explore the internal and external variables that will impact the successful execution and completion of the project. This course will identify, qualify, and quantify risks such as manpower, cost, technology, quality, politics, logistics, etc. Those risks will be evaluated to determine their impact and what effect they will have on the minimizing, maximizing, or optimizing the key elements needed for the success of the project.

Prerequisite: CPM 610
Credits: 3

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Career Outlook

Job Market

Careers in Project management

Students who receive Graduate Certificate or graduate with an MBA with a concentration in Project  Management will have the required skills to apply for the following positions:

  • Project Manager (IT)
  • Project Manager (Construction)
  • Project Manager (other industries)
  • Operations Manager 
  • Sales Manager 
  • Logistics Manager