M.A.T. (Elementary, Middle Grades, and Special Education)

Candidates in th Master of Art in Teaching Elementary Education, Middle Grades, and Special Education Programs are trained to become professionals who are competent to meet the content knowledge needs of K-12 students. The program leads to an A level North Carolina license and is designed for those candidiates who do not hold an initial teaching license in an area. The Master of Art in Teaching is a program within the CAEP ( Formerly NCATE) accredited College of Education and is approved by the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction.

Why Choose a Master of Arts in Elementary Education?

Become a leader in your classroom, school, and community! A Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education will provide an opportunity for you to advance your career and provide experiences that will enhance your knowledge, skills and dispositions to teach in the elementary classroom. Take the next steps in your teaching career, become a Master Teacher!

What Will You Learn?

You will graduate from this program with the ability to be a knowledgeable, caring, and reflective practitioner. The program provides candidates with in-depth knowledge in all elementary curriculum areas including theories, processes, strategies, and research. You will have opportunities to use this knowledge to plan appropriate program for a diverse population of K-6 students. 

You will also demonstrate an in- depth understanding of:

  • theoretical  foundations of teaching and learning in elementary curriculum areas
  • data analysis to support student learning in the classroom
  • learning environments that incorporate researched-based best practices
  • collaboration professional learning and leadership as a career-long responsibility
  • instructional curriculum to support student learning
  • technology to enhance instruction, learning, research, and assessment

Why Choose a Master of Arts in Middle Grades?

For teachers hoping to positively impact the lives of futures generations, middle school students are a great group to work with. They are just beginning to learn who they are and the possibilities of the future. Obtaining a degree within the field of middle grades
education most often leads to a career in teaching; however, in addition to teaching, administrative, consulting, research, and varying discipline-specific jobs are also options. Students can obtain an A level license in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.