University - Industry Collaboration

The Broadwell College of Business and Economics (BCBE) University-Industry Collaboration  initiative is aimed towards establishing win-win collaboration between Profit and Non-Profit organizations and the BCBE's student groups to provide organizations with a solution to a specific problem an organization faces while giving an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and to gain the hands-on experience in the real organization. All the projects are supervised by the faculty members of the BCBE and are evaluated through a group of judges that consists of faculty members, SBTDC representatives, and organizations' representatives. 

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Info for Students

The purpose of the program is to have students gain professional skills and real-life experience in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship, business analytics, operations, data analytics, and information systems. With a special emphasis on communication skills, our students are required to submit periodic reports and oral presentations in class. At the end of the semester, you will present your projects at the BCBE Project Showcase

Benefits to Students
  • The student will have the opportunity to work on a real business problem of direct interest to a company or agency and thus is motivated by the potential for seeing a tangible impact of his/her consulting efforts on real problems.
  • The student interacts with company personnel and learns to work under actual industrial/government conditions, gaining valuable interpersonal skills and practical technical experience.
  • The student completes the project work in one course during the completion of his/her degree program, while concurrently developing professional contacts with a potential employer.
  • Gain professional experience by working directly with an industrial firm while taking senior-level courses.
  • Work with real-life business solutions design and development projects
  • Work with modern information technology, such as database design, modeling, web design, simulation, and visualization tools.

Info for Organizations

The profit or non-profit organizations take advantage of the following benefits:

> Access to faculty expertise and laboratory capabilities within the Broadwell College of Business and Economics 

> Consulting capabilities of the student groups to address practical challenges over a period of three months (1 Semester) with the areas of the expertise that are not available or    limited to the employees of an organization 

 > The participation in the program allows an organization to connect with other organizations in the program for the purposes of networking, benchmarking, and other processes

> Organizations can experience the professional benefits and gain the public relations benefits from a mentoring relationship with student teams.

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Broadwell College of Business and Economics Fall'18 Showcase

On December 7th, Broadwell College of Business and Economics Fall'18 Showcase was a testimony of fulfilling its mission: "Proving quality business programs to prepare students for careers in a changing global environment". Faculty and local organizations teamed up to give BCBE students the opportunity to directly put their knowledge to use and gain practical experience. After a semester-long project-based, experiential learning experience in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship, business analytics, operations, data analytics, and strategic management, students improved both their technical and soft skills. At the end of the semester, student-teams exhibited their semester-long professional endeavors, technical and soft skills, and the impact they made in business society at the BCBE Project Showcase. During the Showcase, 8 best project teams formally presented their projects to all faculty, students and external parties.

Dr. Burcu Adivar, Assistant Dean and organizer of the event, served as moderator for the student presentations of the projects listed below:

  • Evidence-based Decision Making for Cumberland Dance Academy
  • Business and Operational Planning for Barber's Seasoning Salt
  • Barber's Seasoning Salt IP and Marketing StrategyOptimizing
  • Mail Courier Delivery Routes for CCS System
  • Strategic Positioning for Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union
  • Retail Layout Optimization for HFH ReStore
  • Forecasting and Promotion Planning for Elite Guard, Inc.
  • Waiting Line Simulation for Chick-Fil-A

The Winners of the Showcase

 The project "Optimizing Mail Courier Delivery Routes for CCS System" has won the first place and team is awarded $500. Under the supervision of Dr. Burcu Adivar, the student team (Linda Ceasar, Mario Ceasar, and Deja Williams) worked on vehicle routing problem to maximize the efficiency of the mail courier services for the Cumberland County School System, which serves 87 public schools.

The second place winner was the project titled as "Retail Layout Optimization for HFH ReStore" and co-supervised by Drs. Glackin and Adivar. Three students (Christopher White, Adrianna Roulhac and Marquis King) used business analytics techniques to propose an optimal layout that can result in a 10% revenue increase at no cost to Habitat for Humanity Fayetteville. The team won $300 monetary prize in addition to recognition and certificate.

The third place award has been given to the team who worked with Elite Guard Inc., a veteran-owned local business in downtown Fayetteville. Under the supervision of Dr. Adivar, student team (Angela Isler and Taylor Brown) proposed a novel forecasting and promotion planning strategy for the company.