Health & PE, Non-Teaching Community Health Concentration, B.S.

Community Health Concentration

What Will You Learn?

Community Health is an interdisciplinary social science designed to promote individual and community health through the use of a variety of strategies that facilitate voluntary behaviors and informed decisions conducive to health and wellness in any given community. The community health educator must be able to:

  • Assess the needs, resources and capacity of the community 
  • Plan health programs and activities for the community
  • Implement and manage community health programs and activities
  • Evaluate community health programs and activities
  • Advocate for individual and community health resources and policies to promote good health

Professional Courses

  • COHE 200 Introduction to Community Health
  • COHE 270 Consumer Health
  • COHE 330 Health Behavior and Counseling 
  • COHE 360 Communication in Health
  • COHE 425 Organization and Administration of Community Health
  • COHE 426 Program Planning and Evaluation in Health
  • COHE 460 Aging
  • COHE 470 Seminar in Community Health
  • COHE 480 Community Health Internship


Students must serve as an intern at a community health agency where opportunities are provided for observing and performing a variety of community health education functions under the supervision of a professional public health educator and University personnel. It is designed for seniors in Community Health and other qualified students with the permission of an instructor. May be repeated for credit to maximum of ten hours.

What Will You Do?

  • Community Health Programs
  • Health Departments
  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Hospital and Clinic Settings
  • School Health Settings