Professional Development

In addition to opportunities available to current students and alumni, FSU’s graduate students have access to campus, state, regional and national professional development opportunities.

Graduate students at FSU serve as graduate assistants on campus, meet with legislators in Raleigh, and have ongoing access to professional development resources through regional and national organizations. 

For additional information on professional development opportunities in your program of study, please contact your graduate program or advisor.

Campus Opportunities

Annual Student Research Symposium

During the spring semester, students are invited to register and submit an abstract online for FSU's Annual Student Research Symposium. For additional information, please contact Dr. Justin Graham at or Dr. Erin White at

Career and Graduate School Fair

During the academic year, the Office of Career Services hosts a Career and Graduate School Fair. Students are welcome to attend to meet with employers and Graduate School representatives on campus. For additional information, join Handshake and contact the Office of Career Services at (910) 672-1205 or

Educational Programs

Faculty and staff can apply for tuition/fee waivers. For additional information on eligibility and benefits, please consult the educational programs information provided by Human Resources.

Graduate Assistantships

In the fall, spring, and summer, a limited number of graduate assistantships are available for eligible graduate students. Graduate students apply to the Graduate Assistant Pool, and academic units hire graduate assistants in PeopleAdmin. Graduate assistants are welcome to participate in programming provided by the Office of Faculty DevelopmentFor additional information on graduate assistantship opportunities, please contact your college.

  • Broadwell College of Business and Economics (BCBE): Mrs. Berrak Walters, MBA Operations Manager,
  • College of Education (COE): Dr. Jocelyn Smith, COE Graduate Programs Committee Chair,
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS): Mrs. Leta Brown-Dieujuste, Executive Assistant to the CHSS Dean,  
  • Lloyd College of Health, Science, and Technology (CHST): Dr. Aprel Ventura, CHST Graduate Programs Committee Chair,
Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive community for graduate students at Fayetteville State University. For additional information, contact the Graduate Student Association through Bronco Advantage.

Graduate Tuition Assistance

During the academic year, a limited amount of graduate tuition assistance funds may be available for selected graduate students. Colleges with one or more graduate degree programs are directly responsible for selecting graduate tuition assistance recipients and amounts based on available funds and the college's and graduate students' needs, such as by considering academic performance, financial need, recruitment, and retention. Following a graduate student's acceptance of graduate tuition assistance, the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid processes graduate tuition assistance as listed on the award offer. For additional information, please contact your college.

State Opportunities

NC Council of Graduate Schools Conference

In the fall, the North Carolina Council of Graduate Schools hosts a conference for graduate education professionals and students to share best practices and network with colleagues.  Limited funding, such as roundtrip transportation and registration, may be available for selected graduate faculty, staff, and students to attend this annual conference.  

NC Graduate Education Week and Education Day

In May, North Carolina celebrates Graduate Education Week and Graduate Education Day. During the spring semester, FSU typically selects three graduate students to meet with legislators and North Carolina Council of Graduate Schools representatives at Graduate Education Day in Raleigh. Roundtrip transportation from campus may be provided for selected graduate student representatives to attend Graduate Education Day as a group. 

Regional and National Opportunities

Conference of Southern Graduate Schools

As an institutional Conference of Southern Graduate Schools member, FSU faculty and students may be eligible to be nominated for awards, such as the Outstanding Mentor Award, Outstanding Contributions Award, and Master's Thesis Award.  

Council of Graduate Schools

As an institutional Council of Graduate Schools member, FSU faculty, staff, and students have ongoing access to various online resources, including publications, newsletters, webinars, and career information.  

Council of Historically Black Graduate Schools

As an institutional member of the Council of Historically Black Graduate Schools, FSU thesis and doctoral students may be eligible to be nominated for the CHBGS Proquest Award.