Student Conduct


The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to organize and institute a fair process to resolve incidents involving student misconduct allegations. The Office of Student Conduct aims to treat affected individuals fairly and without bias. Our goal is to resolve issues in a reasonable and timely manner. 


The University reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of its campus community.  The Code of Student Conduct (Code) applies to all undergraduate and graduate students.  The University's jurisdiction and conduct processes shall be limited to behavior which occurs on University premises, at University-sponsored events, or at other off-campus locations if the conduct adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of its objectives as determined by university officials.   Fayetteville State University's Code of Student Conduct can be found below.  


If you believe there has been a violation of the Code, please fill out an electronic report using the link provided:  You may also contact campus police to report ongoing matters of alleged Code violations.    However, if you need immediate assistance, or if you believe the conduct involved presents a danger of harm to self or others, you are strongly encouraged to contact campus police immediately at (910) 672-1911 (emergency) or (910) 672-1775 (non-emergency).   Alleged Code violations involving violations of the law or court proceedings are separate processes and may occur at the same time and in addition to any student disciplinary proceedings occurring in the Office of Student Conduct.   


Reports involving alleged acts of sexual misconduct, dating or domestic violence, or other conduct governed under the Title IX regulation, should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator at 910-672-2325.  Fayetteville State students may also file an electronic report of alleged Title IX violations using the link provided:  

Faculty or students experiencing issues with students in the classroom may find helpful guidance in the "Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom" policy found here:  If necessary, disruptive classroom behavior may also be reported to the Office of Student Conduct using the link included here:     

“The Office of Equity reviews and investigates allegations of discrimination or harassment. If you have experienced or witnessed discrimination or harassment, as defined by the University’s Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation policy, please report it using the Equity Intake Form.”

Whenever possible, issues not involving an alleged Code violation should be addressed directly with the person or department involved.  If a resolution is not possible, a complaint can be filed using the information in the link found here:   Student Complaint Form