Case Management

What is Case Management: A solution-focused, strengths-based, holistic, approach to understanding an individual’s complex needs, and providing them with resources, tools, and guidance for their success.

Welcome to Case Management

Case Management is a department within the Office of Student Affairs that provides 360-degree individualized support to students, no matter their identity, navigating a myriad of concerns. Some of these concerns may include but are not limited to complex personal situations, extenuating circumstances, general welfare, interpersonal violence, health and wellness, and safety concerns which impact students academically.

Case Managers are here to help identify on and off campus resources and information, and most importantly support your Bronco experience.

  • Case Mangers play a key role in providing supportive services to students facing various challenges that may hinder their academic success or well-being.
  • Case Managers help to foster student success and well-being by providing a comprehensive support system to help students overcome challenges and thrive during their academic journey.
  • The overall goal of the Case Management Program at Fayetteville State University is to utilize a student-centered approach in providing comprehensive support and guidance to students, aiding them in the navigation and access to resources, all while ensuring that their needs for overall well-being and academic success are met.


Student Support

Case Managers work with students experiencing academic, personal, or financial difficulties. They serve as a point of contact and support for students facing challenges such as problem-solving, decision-making, and overcoming obstacles.

Crisis Intervention

In situations where students face crises, Case Managers aid in providing immediate support and connecting students with appropriate resources.


Case Managers advocate for students needs and/or rights ensuring they have fair treatment and appropriate access to supportive services.

Holistic Collaboration

Case Managers work closely with other university faculty and staff to provide a holistic approach to student support.

Referral Services

Case Managers connect students with appropriate campus and community resources and services. These may include mental health support, housing assistance, transportation, and more.

Resource Development

Case Managers aid in identifying gaps in support services and contribute to the development of new resources or programs to better meet student needs.