Matriculation Institute

The  Initiative will improve retention and graduation rates by providing academic-focused support programs, life skills, financial literacy, and resiliency training. The initiative will also provide students with intensive Leadership Development, Career Readiness, and Social & Emotional support. Only 60 male and 60 female students are accepted into the program each year.

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The Bronco Matriculation Institute  

The Men’s and Women’s Matriculation Institute is a four-year program that will also involve the Mentoring Initiative, which will include workshops, speaker series, and one-on-one mentoring. Subject matter experts with demonstrated expertise as motivational life coaches and demonstrated skills in connecting with and motivating our target demographics will be selected to serve as speakers, workshop leaders, and mentors.

Dedicated University employees will coordinate workshop leaders, speakers, and mentors, with one coordinator focusing on males and the other focusing on females. To enhance efficacy and speed of implementation, the University coordinators will leverage the expertise of well-regarded organizations and individuals who have established track records in the mentoring arena— including professional motivational speakers, non-profits, fraternities, and sororities. Interested and capable faculty and staff will also be invited to participate. 

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Goal 1 Student Affairs will expand student health and wellness services through providing access to seamless, integrated physical health, mental health, and fitness programs that are convenient, cost effective, and meet student satisfaction.

Goal 2:  Student Affairs will enhance student programs and services that create a culture of care through developing a mentoring initiative program designed to increase the academic success, leadership abilities, life skills, professional skills, financial literacy, and resiliency of students.

Goal 3:  Student Affairs will enhance and utilize software platforms, applications and data to customize the student experience and increase student engagement.



Goal Student Affairs will provide co-curricular facilities that promote a sense of belonging, opportunities for socialization, and community development.





The PREP program aims to enhance supportive relationships between two people, sharing knowledge and experience and providing an opportunity to learn from different perspectives. The mentors of this program serve as positive role model that promotes aspirations, positive reinforcement, and joint problem-solving based on previous experiences.

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