Dr. Frank Nani

Dr. Frank Nani

   Professor in Mathematics

   Office: Science & Technology 420

   Phone: (910) 672-1793

   Email: fnani@uncfsu.edu

   Personal Homepage:


November 1998, PhD. in Applied Mathematics

University of Alberta, Canada Department of Mathematical Sciences. Dissertation Title: Mathematical Models of Cancer  Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy. Supervisor: Dr. H.I. Freedman   

January 1986-September 1987, Graduate Student and Alberta Cancer Board Scholar

Faculty of Medicine Division of Oncology, Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta.  

Research Title: Mathematical Modeling of the the processes of Radio-protection and Radio-Sensitization during Cancer Radiotherapy. Supervisors: Drs. Cameron Koch, Alan Chapman, ALA Fields (Later transferred to the Department of Mathematics, University of Alberta) 

November 1985     M.Sc (Theoretical  Physics)

Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Alberta. Dissertation Title: Generalized Solutions  to the Einstein Gravitational Field Equations.Supervisors: Dr. Garry Ludwig and Dr. Werhner Israel 

June 1980  B.Sc (Honors)

Department of  Physics. University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana.

Dissertation Title: Theoretical Analyses and  Computation of Lattice Dynamical Properties of Transition Metals and  Copper-Gold Alloy. Supervisors: Dr. Kershaw Singh


Ordinary Differential Equations: Math 331, Math 431, Math 571
Partial Differential Equations: Math 425,Math 671
Complex Analysis:  Math 541, Math 641
Real Analysis: Math 412, Math 461
Linear Algebra: Math 251, Math 507, Math 611
Mathematical Modeling: Math420 Calculus Math 142, Math 241, Math 242
College Algebra and Pre-College Algebra: Math 123, Math 121
Pre-Calculus: Math 131   


Mathematical Medicine: Axiomatization of Clinical Medicine, Computational Clinical Immunology, Computational Cancer Chemo./,Immuno./ Radio. Therapy, Digital Cancer Chemotherapy, Modeling Dynamics of HIV-1  AIDS Pathophysiology, Mathematical Principles of HAART Therapy of AIDS, Modeling, Analyses of Pathophysiology of Type2 Diabetes  Derivation of Cure Criteria for Cancer, AIDS, and Diabetes  Mathematical Principles of Evidence Based Medicine  heoretical Medicine, Statistical Basis of  Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
Mathematical Physics: Generalized Hilbert Space Solutions to Einstein's Equations  Relativistic Cosmology, Solving Einstein Field Equations at Null Infinity, Black-holes and Gravitational Collapse  
 Mathematical Principles of Counter Multi-Insurgency Warfare 
Theoretical Physics:  Lattice Dynamics of Transition Metals using De Launey Angular Force Mode (DAF)l.
Theoretical Applied Mathematics        Ordinary Differential Equations and solutions in Banach Space, Functional Differential Equations in Banach Spaces,  Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Optimal Control Theory 
Mathematical Finance


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