Academic Standing

The university will evaluate academic standing at the end of each term to determine continued enrollment and financial aid eligibility. Academic standing is based on cumulative grade point average (GPA). It is reflected on students’ academic transcripts.

To maintain good academic standing, students must

1) earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, a minimum term GPA of 2.0 and

2) maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) by earning at least 67% of the hours that they have attempted.

Students who fail to meet the GPA standard will be placed on academic probation or academic suspension. Students who fail to meet the SAP standard will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. However, meeting these standards does not guarantee financial aid eligibility. See Financial Aid, “Satisfactory Academic Progress”. The university will evaluate academic standing at the end of each fall and spring semesters and summer term. Satisfactory Academic Progress will be evaluated at the end of each academic year (spring). The student’s academic status will be noted on the student’s transcript. Students are responsible for remaining aware of their academic status.

A student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.0 at the end of the fall semester and who withdraws from the university during the spring semester will be placed on suspension and must submit an Academic Appeal Form to determine continuous enrollment and financial aid eligibility. In these instances, withdrawing from the university can have an adverse effect.

Academic Standing

Academic standing is posted to student's academic record at the end of each semester, including summer, as follows:

Good Standing - Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher for undergraduate; 3.0 or higher for doctoral and graduate and non licensure students, 2.75 for licensure students.  
Students eligible for continued enrollment and may be eligible for financial aid (see Financial Aid, "Satisfactory Academic Progress").

Probation (Fall or Summer) - At the end of fall or summer, cumulative GPA below 2.0 for undergraduate students, below 3.0 for doctoral and graduate level, and below 2.75 for licensure only students.  Students are eligible for continued enrollment for spring and may be eligible for financial aid to achieve good standing (see Financial Aid, "Satisfactory Academic Progress"). Students on probation at the end of the fall semester will not be permitted to register without meeting with their officially assigned advisor and preparing an Academic Success Plan. Student's enrollment is limited to 14 hours for the fall and 7 hours for summer. (Students on probation will sometimes be advised to delay subsequent enrollment to resolve the problems causing poor performance.) Students placed on probation at the end of the summer term must submit an Academic Appeal Form to determine continued enrollment and financial aid eligibility for the subsequent academic year.

Suspension - Cumulative GPA below 2.0 at the end of the spring semester for undergraduate students. Graduate level students are not placed on suspension. However, they will need to confer with the advisor or graduate coordinator for continued enrollment in the program.           
Students ineligible for continued enrollment and ineligible for financial aid unless suspension is successfully appealed. Students who successfully appeal suspension will be reinstated and required to participate in the Student Success Program. Students who are suspended a second time will be permitted to re-enroll if they improve their status in summer school or participate in Academic Fresh Start. Academic Fresh Start does not appy to doctoral and graduate level students.

Academic Fresh Start

Academic Fresh Start allows undergraduate students whose academic record would otherwise prevent them from enrolling to resume their studies at Fayetteville State University after a period of non-enrollment without the burden of their prior grade point average. Students suspended two times can only return under Academic Fresh Start.

Academic Fresh Start does not apply to doctoral and graduate level students.

To be eligible for Academic Fresh Start, students must meet admissions criteria at Fayetteville State University. Students must demonstrate the potential for degree completion in one of the following ways:

  1. They must have a period of non-enrollment for at least four consecutive semesters and provide evidence in their request that the conditions that led to poor academic performance have been corrected; OR
  2. They must have a record of academic performance at another institution subsequent to their departure from FSU that demonstrates the potential for academic success at FSU.

    A record of academic performance may be demonstrated by earning an Associate's degree, completing an academic certificate program, or earning at least 15 semester hours with a C or better.