Student Resources

Dropping and Adding Classes

You may adjust your schedule of classes through the last day of late registration (see Academic Calendars for specific dates). After this date, you will be permitted to adjust your schedules only for unusual and documented circumstances beyond your control and must be approved by the faculty member, department chair, dean, and provost. You are cautioned that adjustments of your official schedule may affect tuition, fees, and financial aid eligibility, and may require additional payment and/or reimbursement of financial aid awards.

Course Withdrawals

Course Withdrawals information:

You may withdraw from individual classes until the deadline each semester, term, or session (see Academic Calendars for specific dates). If you who complete the class withdrawal process, you will receive a grade of W. Your tuition and fees are not adjusted for withdrawing from individual classes. You are required to earn at least 67% of your attempted hours each semester to maintain financial aid eligibility. If you withdraw from more than 33% of your attempted hours in a semester, you will lose financial aid. If you are enrolled in only one (1) course and choose to withdraw from the course, you must withdraw from the university instead of withdrawing from the course. You are permitted to withdraw from a maximum of 16 credit hours throughout your undergraduate career. After you have exceeded this limit, you must earn a final grade of A, B, C, D, F, or FN. If you withdraw from all courses for which you are enrolled, you are considered to have officially withdrawn from the university. The official university withdrawal date will be the date you withdrew from the last class.

Term Withdrawals

Term Withdrawal Information:

Before deciding to withdraw from the university, you must consult with your advisor to discuss the reasons for your withdrawal and plan for continuing your education. You can then begin the official term withdrawal process by submitting the online Term Withdrawal Form. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have the approval of a parent or guardian before withdrawing from the university. The official date of withdrawal (for purposes of computing charges and grades) will be the date you submit the online form. The university will not make any refund of tuition/ fees or room and board charges until four (4) weeks after you complete the official withdrawal process. All refunds will be made by the method selected by you for refunds. You may withdraw from the university until two weeks prior to the beginning of final exams (see Academic Calendars for specific deadlines). If you are seeking to withdraw from the university after the published deadline and do not meet the criteria for “Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances”, you must make the request, in writing, to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. This request must include documentation of unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances that prevented you from meeting the published deadline. Such requests must be made no later than the end of the next regular semester after the semester for which the term withdrawal is requested. If you officially withdraw from the university, you will receive a WU grade in all of your classes (see “Grades”). If you receive WU grades, you may re-enroll in the next regular semester or summer term without making an application for readmission, but cannot enroll in the same semester for an 8-week term. If you are seeking to withdraw from the university within the deadline but have earned grades in the previous 8-week session, you will retain those grades. You will be assigned a WU for the remaining courses. Hours with a grade of WU count as hours attempted but not completed for the purposes of financial aid. Withdrawal from the University may therefore have an adverse effect on your financial aid. In addition, If you withdraw from the University the semester after being placed on Academic Probation, you will be considered to have two consecutive semesters below2.0 for the purposes of calculating academic standing. Withdrawal from the University may therefore have an adverse effect on your academic standing as well.

Visit our Forms site and click on University (Term) Withdrawal Form
Student Information Updates (Name, Email, Address)

Students may request changes, corrections, and/or updates to their personal informaiton using the Change of Information form. Updates or corrections may include name, address, e-mail, and social security number.

The estimated processing time for all requests is approximately 3-5 business days, expect during peak periods, it may take 5-10 business days. Peak periods are registration, grading,  and commencement. Please complete the Change of Information form and fax to (910) 672-1599 along with supporting documentation.

Name Changes/Updates

Acceptable forms of documentation for name changes are marriage certificate, unexpired drivers' license, unexpired military identification card, birth certificate, or Official court documents that show name change. Social Security Cards are not acceptable forms of documentation.

E-mail Address Changes

If you wish to change an e-mail address, please contact ITS at 910.672.4357

Local Address Changes

You may update your mailing (local) address via Banner Self Service using these steps:

  • Log into your Student Self-Service Banner account
  • Click on Student Profile
  • Click on My Personal Information under the Additional Links section
  • Log into the system using your network credentials (email, password)
  • Click on the Personal Information block
  • Scroll to locate the Address block
  • Click on the pencil to update data
  • When complete, click the Update block to update


Grade FAQ

What is an FN grade?
An FN grade is issued by an instructor to a student is failing the class due to non attendance. This grade was reinstituted fall 2007. This grade is issued to graduate and undergraduate student for any course the student is failing due to non attendance and has the same effect as an "F" grade.

My GPA is not correct
Have all your grades been posted? You could be viewing your GPA at at time when the 3 step grading process has not yet completed or all grades have not been submitted by the instructor. Use the GPA calculator on our website as well.

Withdrawing from classes
If you are trying to withdraw from all your classes, you must withdraw from the University for the semester. You can return the next semester without reapplying. If we see you have all Ws for grades, we will withdraw you from the university for that semester effective the date you withdrew from the last class.

I have an Incomplete "I" grade - What do I do?
An "I" grade must be removed before the expiration of the first nine weeks of the student's next regular semester (fall or spring) of enrollment, or within 12 months of the last day of the semester or term in which the "I" grade was assigned. If the "I" grade is not removed within the stipulated time, the grade will be converted to "F". Students are responsible for initiating the actions necessary to remove the "I" grades.

Hold Codes

A hold may be placed on your record for a variety of reasons, such as an unpaid bill or fine, failure to declare a major, failure to return books or equipment, etc. Most holds will prevent you from registering for future semesters (R), the release of your transcript and diploma (T), and/or applying for graduation (G). A complete listing of hold codes, hold definitions, and contact information are listed below:

Hold Code Hold Description R T G Department Location Phone
AC See Advisement Ctr Counselor X     See your Advisor See your Advisor
AD Must See Your Advisor X     See your Advisor See your Advisor
AF Application Fee X X X Admissions William R. Collins Bldg 910-672-1371
AR Contact Accounts Receivable X X   Student Accounts Lilly Bldg , 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
BK Bookstore X X Student Accounts Lilly Bldg , 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
BT Bankruptcy       Student Accounts Lilly Bldg , 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
CA Collection Agency X   X Student Accounts Lilly Bldg , 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
CP Campus Police   X X FSU Police/Public Safety Mitchell Bldg 910-672-1775
DM Must Declare Major-See Advisor X   X See your Advisor See your Advisor
EI Fin Aid Loan Exit Interview X X X Financial Aid Lilly Bldg , 1st Floor 910-672-1325
FF Financial Aid FAFSA hold X X X Financial Aid Lilly Bldg , 1st Floor 910-672-1325
GS See Graduate Program Coord       See your Program Coordinator See your Program Coordinator
HS Health Services X X X Infirmary Spaulding Bldg 910-672-1366
PB Previous Balance X X X Student Accounts Lilly Bldg , 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
PF Progressive  Financial X X X Student Accounts Lilly Bldg , 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
PK Post Office   X X Newbold Station Post Office Rudolph Jones Student Center, Suite 125 910-672-1123
PL Perkins Loan X X X Student Accounts Lilly Building, 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
PS Personal Statement       Admissions William R. Collins Bldg 910-672-1371
R Registration X     Office of Registrar Lilly Bldg , 3rd Floor
RC Returned Check(s) X X X Student Accounts Lilly Bldg, 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
RF Refund X     Student Accounts Lilly Bldg , 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
RT ROTC Hold X     Aerospace Studies Airforce ROTC
Lauretta Taylor 136

Taylor Science 109
Air Force:

SH Sanction Hold X X X Student Affairs William R. Collins Bldg Suite 202 910-672-1201
T Transcript   X   Admissions William R. Collins Bldg 910-672-1371
UX UNC Exchange X     UNCX Exchange UNC Online Students
WO Write Off X X X Student Accounts  Lilly Bldg, 2nd Floor 910-672-1155
Transcript Request

Methods for Requesting Your Transcript:

E-mail, fax, or phone requests are not acceptable methods for requesting transcript.

Students can now request transcripts from National Student Clearinghouse via MyHub.

Instructions for logging into MyHub are located here.

These requests will require a processing fee of $2.50 and an additional $1.00 fee if requesting the electronic format.

If you have holds that prevents your transcript from printing, it may delay your request until the holds are cleared or removed. All indebtedness to the university must be satisfactorily settled before a transcript of record will be issued. The National Student Clearinghouse may notify you if you have such holds.


You will be directed to a computer station to make your request via National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts are not available for pick-up.


You must include a money order at $10.00 per transcript. Checks are not accepted. Please allow five (5) to ten (10) business days for mail-ins. If you have any type account hold that would prevent this office from printing your transcript,  you will be notified to clear up all holds within five (5) business days or  your money order and request will be sent back to you.

You may complete and sign the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM  and mail it to:

Office of the Registrar

1200 Murchison Road, 3rd Floor Lilly Building

Fayetteville, NC 28301

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