Graduation Information

We are looking forward to hosting the 2021 Spring Commencement on Saturday, May 8, at the Luther “Nick” Jeralds Stadium on FSU’s campus. In an effort to keep our Bronco community safe during the ongoing pandemic, we have modified the ceremony to remain in compliance with state COVID-19 protocols. This year FSU will host two commencement ceremonies. Undergraduate and graduate students will participate together. The ceremony that you attend will be determined by your academic college. Graduates will walk across the stage and professional photography will be provided. Additionally, we are pleased to offer 2020 graduates the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Spring Commencement as space is available.

We thank our graduates and your families for your patience. Please visit for detailed commencement information.

Information for 2021 Graduates

Students must apply for graduation in order to participate in commencement exercises and pay the $75.00 graduation application fee.

Students who fail to meet graduation requirements automatically void their candidacy for that particular graduation term. If the student does not complete the necessary degree requirements within two semesters of his/her expected term of graduation, then the student must re-apply and pay an additional $75.00 application fee. The application fee assists with clearance processing, diploma printing, diploma postage, diploma vendor services, diploma paper supply and commencenemt ceremonies.

When to Apply - Doctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate level students:

Students with degrees conferred in December are eligible to participate in the spring commencement.

If you are a prospective graduate with degree conferral scheduled for Spring or Summer, you will be permitted to participate if you are enrolled in all outstanding courses required for degree completion. This may include enrollment in courses scheduled for Summer.

Spring candidates had to apply for graduation by March 30 to be included in the commencement book or honor addendum. Spring candidates can continue to apply to graduate through May 31. Summer candidates can apply for graduation up through July 31.

Send all inquiries concerning graduation to to include your Name, Banner ID and Degree program.

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks after grades are due to expect transcripts to be updated with "Degree Awarded" and diplomas to be mailed. Please verify your mailing address through banner self-service.

How to Apply for Graduation

Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

Students must be admitted as a degree-seeking student and not a Special Visiting student.

Students must have a declared major and not a pre-major.

Student must complete all requirements of the major degree program.

Students must earn at least 120 hours and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Some programs require a higher GPA and additional hours. See degree program information for specific requirements.

Students must complete a minimum of 25% of the total earned credit hours required for the degree program curriculum in residence at Fayetteville State University.

Students must earn the minimum required Grade Point Average for courses in the major. See degree program for specific requirements.

Complete the Graduating Senior Assessment (GSA). 

Graduate Graduation Requirements

Students must earn an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Students must complete all courses in their approved program of study.

Students must be enrolled at Fayetteville State University in the semester they intend to graduate.

For students in Master’s Degree Programs, courses cannot be older than six (6) years at the time of graduation.

For students in the Doctoral Degree Program, courses cannot be older than eight (8) years at the time of graduation.

Students must apply for graduation in the semester prior to the semester they plan to graduate.

Students must pay the required graduation fee.

Students cannot graduate with an “I,” “IP,” or “U” grades.

Graduating Senior Assessment

What is the ETS Proficiency Profile? The ETS Proficiency Profile is the test used for our Graduating Senior Assessment or GSA. The GSA is a requirement for graduation at FSU. Previously, we used the CLA to satisfy the GSA requirement. However, starting Fall 2019, the CLA was replaced by the ETS Proficiency Profile.

The GSA helps to assess learning outcomes at FSU, specifically: college-level reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking. By assessing freshmen and seniors, we can measure improvement over the undergraduate years. We then use that information to improve our programs and to serve students better.

Who is required to take the GSA?  

o Entering Freshmen: Students who enter FSU as first-time freshmen. Early College graduates are exempt.
o Students in Senior Capstone Courses: All students enrolled in a senior capstone course, with these exceptions: § If you took the GSA as a senior in a previous semester, you do not have to take it again § Only students enrolled in senior capstone courses are required to take the GSA. If you are a graduating senior, you have not taken the GSA, and you are not enrolled in a senior capstone course, you do not have to take the GSA. § Students in the generic Nursing and RN-to-BSN programs are exempt. They satisfy the GSA by taking the NCLEX. § Students in the College of Education satisfy the Graduating Senior Assessment requirement by taking PRAXIS.  

How does doing well on the GSA benefit me? Students who earn a high score will be recognized at commencement. Scores may be used as part of the grade for your capstone course or as extra-credit. For more information, ask your capstone instructor.

How long does the GSA take? Students can take up to 40 minutes on the GSA.  Students must spend at least 25 minutes on the assessment to complete the requirement. If a student cannot make the scheduled dates/times, FSU University Testing should be contacted for more information about possible alternatives.

How do I take the GSA?

All eligible students should test online because of corona virus restrictions. We will not test on-ground this semester.

Currently the GSA is not available. Once made available, all eligible students will be notified via email.

Graduation with Distinction

Graduation distinctions are awarded based on final cumulative statistics. To be eligible to graduate with honors, baccalaureate students must have completed a minimum of sixty (60) earned hours at Fayetteville State University and may be awarded with the following honors:

Summa Cum Laude: to those having a scholastic average of 3.800 - 4.000
Magna Cum Laude: to those having a scholastic average of 3.500 - 3.799
Cum Laude: to those having a scholastic average of 3.200 - 3.499

Students will be recognized for graduation with distinction at commencement exercises based on their grade point average when they are cleared for participating in commencement exercises. Graduation with distinction will be recognized on the final transcript and diploma on the basis of the complete academic record.

Diploma Distribution

The degree and major are the only items printed on the diploma. Any concentrations will be printed on the transcript. 

Diplomas will be mailed to students four to six weeks after grades are due. Students must satisfy all financial obligations to the university and complete the financial aid exit interview, if applicable, to receive a diploma and/or transcript.

Diplomas and transcripts for students who complete requirements in the summer will indicate the date at end of the summer term the student completes requirements.

Students can begin to request official transcripts through their online Banner account once notified of your being awarded. 

Duplicate/Replacement Diploma

What is a replacement diploma?

A replacement diploma is a replacement of your original diploma and bears the signatures of the current officials but shows the original date of your graduation. The word "Replacement" will be printed on the bottom right of the diploma to indicate this is not the original. The fee for replacement diploma is $10.00 per copy per career level.  The processing time is between four to six week of the date the office received the request.

The name printed on the replacement diploma will be the name from your original diploma. If you have legally changed your name, please attach with your order for replacement a copy of the documentation verifying your legal name change.

What is a duplicate diploma?

A duplicate diploma is a duplicate of your original diploma. A duplicate diploma is only printed if requested within the same academic year of your graduation. The word "Duplicate" will be printed on the bottom right of the diploma to indicate this is not the original.  The processing time is between four to six week of the date the office received the request. The name printed on the duplicate diploma will be the name from your original diploma. If you have legally changed your name, please attach with your order a copy of the documentation verifying your legal name change. The request will then be processed as replacement diploma and will be printed according to the definition of replacement diploma.

To request a replacement of duplicate diploma, please complete and submit the Diploma Duplicate or Replacement form.