Register for Classes

How do I register for Classes

  • Go to the Banner Home Page and click on Login.
  • Enter your Banner Student ID (83 Number) and PIN.
  • If you don't know your Banner Student ID (83 Number), please visit Account look up.
  • If you don't know you PIN, please visit What is my pin?

Students need an ALTERNATE PIN to register, and seniors register first. >> More info

  • Select “Student Services.”
  • Select "Registration."
  • Select "Add/Drop classes." 
  • Select Term
  • Contact your advisor to receive your Alternate PIN
  • Enter your alternate registration PIN.
  • Click "Class Search" to find specific sections of each class you want to take. 
    • Select a Subject (e.g., English, Physical Education), and enter a course number. You can also enter other search criteria such as days and times.
    • Click Submit to see all classes that correspond to the search criteria selected.
    • Review the class sections to find a section that you want. Click the check box to the left of the section you want. If there is no check box, that section is closed. Look for another.
      (HINT: Write down the course, days, and times for each class. This will help you avoid selecting classes that conflict with classes you have already selected.) 
    • Click "Register" to add the class.
  • When you have registered for all your classes, log out of Banner by clicking "Exit."

You can review your schedule at any time by logging in to Banner.

Fall & Summer 2018 Registration begins April 9, 2018

  • Monday, April 9 - Seniors, Graduate and Doctoral, Honor, Licensure, Online Degree Completion, Cross Creek/International Early College, Athletes, or Special Junior Students
  • Thursday, April 12 - Degree Seeking Juniors or Special Sophomores
  • Monday, April 16 - Degree Seeking Sophomores or Special Freshmen
  • Thursday, April 19 - Degree Seeking Freshman or Special Visiting Students
  • Monday, April 23 -  Everyone

* Special visiting and professional development students are considered non-degree seeking.

If you have questions, contact the CAS Office of Academic Advisement at (910) 672-2571 or


You are responsible for registering for classes according to procedures and deadlines established by the Registrar. The classes in which you are registered at the close of the official registration period constitute your official schedule and course load. Tuition and fees are based on the your total hours of enrollment at the close of the official registration period.


Attending a class does not constitute official enrollment in that class. You will not receive credit or a grade for any class in which you are not officially enrolled. Therefore, you must ensure that you are officially registered for the classes you attend.


Failure to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal from that class. You are responsible for initiating the class withdrawal process if you wish to discontinue enrollment in a class.

Registration process:

Pre-Registration for Fall & Summer 2018 opens on April 9, 2018. All undergraduate students will be required to enter an ALTERNATE PIN number to complete registration. You must contact your advisor to receive an Alternate PIN. You will not be able to register without your ALTERNATE PIN. This process does not affect graduate-level students.

  • What is an ALTERNATE PIN?
    The ALTERNATE PIN is a 6-digit number that is assigned to each undergraduate student. This PIN number is given to you by your advisor and is used by you to complete your registration process. You will not be able to complete your registration without it. 
  • How do I get my ALTERNATE PIN?
    Contact your advisor by phone or e-mail.
    1. Who is my advisor?
      Take the following steps:
    2. Log into your Banner account
    3. Click on Student and Financial Aid
    4. Click on Student Records
    5. Click on View Student Information & Advisor
    6. Select the current term
      Your advisor is listed under the Primary Advisor field.
    7. I do not have an advisor listed. What do I do?
      Have you declared a major?
      1. Yes, I have. You must contact the department chair of your major
      2. Yes, I have, but I take all my classes online.
        You may communicate with your advisor via email to review the appropriate courses you must complete. The advisor can provide the Alternate PIN by email and use the email correspondence in the place of the Advisor Verification Form.
      3. No, I have not. You must contact the Transfer and Advisement Center
      4. No, I have not because
        1. I am Teacher Licensure Student
          You must go to the department in which you are seeking licensure
        2. I am a Special Visiting Student
          You must contact the Office of Summer School
        3. I am an Undergraduate Professional Development Student
          You must contact the Graduate School for consultation

Please note: The Office of the Registrar cannot issue Alternate PINs nor will we serve as surrogate advisors. The Transfer and Advisement Center counselor cannot issue alternate pins for students who are not officially assigned to them as advisors.

Course Load:

The maximum credit hours in which a student may enroll in a semester or summer session is governed by the following guidelines.

Fall or Spring Semester
12 hours per semester: Minimum course load required for full-time status
14 hours per semester: Maximum course load for student on academic probation
15 hours per semester: Minimum average course load required each semester to graduate in four years
18 hours per semester: Maximum course load for student in good academic standing or good standing with warning*
21 hours per semester: Maximum course load for student with cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
Eight Week Terms: Main Campus and Distance Education
6 hours per term: Minimum course load required for full-time status
9 hours per term: Maximum load for each eight-week term*
* Students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 may enroll concurrently in semester-long and eight-week classes for a maximum of 21credit hours.
Summer School
4 hours for Intersession: Student must be in good academic standing or good academic standing with warning to enroll in Intersession*
8 hours per session: Maximum course load for student with cumulative GPA less than 3.0
10 hours per session: Maximum course load per summer session for student with minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
*Enrollment in Intersession does not reduce maximum course loads in any other session or term.

Students with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 may exceed these course load limits only with written approval of the advisor, department chair, and dean using the Course Overload Form. Such approvals will normally be given only in cases when the overload will enable the student to complete degree requirements in the semester/term for which the overload is requested.