Class Schedule Information

This site is designed to assist in understanding our course section patterns and how to idenify courses within a particular term.

For current class schedule offerings, refer to the Class Schedule link in Banner. If you do not find a class listed, please contact the department chair of that class.

Meeting Day Definitions

Meeting Days Description 
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday

Class Section Definitions

Section Numbers Descriptions
01, 02, etc. Main Campus 16-week classes (with remote access)
45, 44, etc. Main Campus first eight-week classes (with remote access)
46, 47, etc. Main Campus second eight-week classes (with remote access)
45H, 44H, etc. Hybrid sections for 1st 8-week classes only  (51% face-to-face; 49% online) 
46H, 47H, etc. Hybrid sections for 2nd 8-week classes only (51% face-to-face; 49% online) 
50 Fort Bragg first eight-week classes
60 Fort Bragg second eight-week classes
D1, D2, etc. Online 16-week classes
D45, D44, etc. Online first eight-week and summer classes
D46, D47, etc. Online second eight-week classes
EC1, EC2, etc. Early College sections
GU1, GU2, etc. Global Understanding
HB1. HB2, etc. Hybrid sections (51% face-to-face; 49% online) 
IC1, IC2, etc. International College sections

Meeting days and times must be posted for synchronous online 

V1, V2, etc.                     Live Streaming/Remote (Synchronous) 16-week classes
V45, V44, etc. Live Streaming/Remote (Synchronous) first eight-week
V46. V47, etc. Live Streaming/Remote (Synchronous) second eight-week

J-Term (January Term) Winter Session

J-Term (January Term) Undergraduate Only

DJ1, DJ2, etc.              Online
VJ1, VJ2, etc. Live Streaming/Remote (Synchronous) 

MM1, MM2, etc.       Main campus face-to-face                  
DM1, DM2, etc. Online
VM1, VM2, etc.      Live Streaming/Remote (Synchronous)  
01, 02, etc. Full term (8 weeks) face to face (with remote access)
D1, D2, etc. Fulll term online
50 Fort Bragg Summer (8 weeks) (with remote access)
H1, H2, etc. Hybrid eight week (Full term)
V1, V2, etc Live streaming/Remote (Synchronous) 8-week classes (Full term)
31, 32, etc. 4 week 1 - face to face (with remote access)
D31, D32, etc. Online 4-week 1 classes
H31, H32, etc.  Hybrid 4-week 1 classes
V31, V32, etc. Live streaming/Remote (Synchronous) first 4-week classes 
41, 42, etc. 4 week 2 -  face to face (with remote access)
D41, D42, etc.  Online four-week 2 classes

H31, H32, etc. Hybrid 4-week 2 classes
V41, V42, etc. Live streaming/Remote (Synchronous) 4-week 2 classes