Class Schedule Information

For current class schedules, please refer to the Class Schedule link in Banner. Students if you do not find a class listed, please contact the department chair of that class.

Class Section Definitions

Section Numbers Descriptions
01 - 43 Main Campus 16-week classes
42 - 45 Main Campus first eight-week classes
46 - 49 Main Campus second eight-week classes
50 Fort Bragg first eight-week classes
60 Fort Bragg second eight-week classes
80 Seymour Johnson first eight-week classes
90 Seymour Johnson second eight-week classes
D1 - D3 Online 16-week classes
D42 - D45 Online first eight-week and summer I classes
D46 - D49 Online second eight-week classes
EC1 - EC9 Early College sections
GU1 - GU9 Global Understanding
HB1 - HB9 Hybrid sections
IC1 - IC9 International College

Class Meeting Time Patterns

Meeting Days Descriptions
MTWRF Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
MWF Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
MW Monday and Wednesday
TR Tuesday and Thursday
S Saturday