Ademiluyi, Adegoke

Ademiluyi Adegoke
Professor, Geography
Office: Taylor Science 209c
Phone: 910-672-1137

Teaching Courses

  • GEOG 220, Regional Geography
  • GEOG 310, Economic Geography
  • GEOG 340, Cultural Geography
  • GEOG 440, Urban Geography GEOG 410, Man and the Enviornment

Research Interests

  • Geographic Dimensions of Global Climate Change
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Public Investment Analysis
  • Using GIS for Interdisciplinary Teaching


  • Okeagu, Jonas E., Ademiluyi, Adegoke, and Chinwe N. Onoha: "The Environmental and Social Impact of Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploitation in Nigeria", Journal of Third World Studies (JTWS), Spring 2006.
  • Okeagu, Joseph, Jonas E. Okeagu and Ademiluyi, Adegoke: "The Impact on African Societies of the Standard Hypothesis that HIV/Aids originated in the Continent", Journal of Third World Studies (JTWS) volume XXI, no. 2, Fall 2003.
  • Ayadi, Felix O. and Ademiluyi, Adegoke: "Geographic Differences in Poverty and Quality of Life Ratings," Economics and Economic Education Research journal, Fall 2004.