Ma, Juan

Dr. Juan Ma
Associate Professor, Public Administration
Dept. Assistant Chair
Office: Taylor Science 208E
Phone: 672-1935


  • Ph.D. in Public Policy, Southern University and A&M College, USA
    • Concentration: Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Ph.D. in Ecology Science, Academy of Forestry, China
    • Concentration: Forest Plant Biodiversity Conservation
  • M.S. in Geography, Beijing Normal University, China
    • Concentration: Natural Resources Potential Research and Management
  • B.S. in Geography, Beijing Normal University, China

Other training

  • Grid Analysis and its application in GIS, (hosted by Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China)
  • FAO Fellowship on GIS techniques and Data Management, (hosted by Bureau of Rural Science, Canberra Australia) 

Teaching Courses

  • ENEC 201/ENEC 201L, Nature, Environment and Ecology I (with Lab)
  • ENEC 201/ENEC 202L, Nature, Environment and Ecology II (with Lab)
  • ENEC 210, Introduction to Sustainability
  • ENEC 270, Climate Change and Public Policy
  • ENEC 300, Environmental Politics and Policy
  • ENEC 400, Sustainability Leadership
  • ENEC 420, Natural Resource Management and Environmental Policy
  • ENEC 435, Environmental Law and Administration
  • POLI 220, Principles of Public Administration
  • POLI 301, Organizational Theory
  • POLI 402, Public Policy Formulation
  • POLI 442, Public Policy Analysis

Research Interests

  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • GIS application


  • Understanding Land Ownership and Environmental Conservation from Perspectives of Enviro-Capitalism and Enviro-Socialism, The Journal of US-China Public Administration,Vol,7, No#6, June 2010, pp 15-23
  • Analysis on Forest Plant Diversity in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, Jan. 2001, 13 (1):35 ~(co-authors)The Monitoring and Assessment for National Forest Health in United States and Its Use Reference to China. World Forestry Research, Vol.3, 2001 (co-authors)
  • The Horizontal Spatial Distribution Patterns of Plant Species Diversity of Forest Communities in ChinaThe Journal of Beijing Normal University (Nat.), Vol. 34 Sup.pp12-17, 1998
  • The Development of the Computer Network System of Ecological and Environmental Monitoring in the World. The World Forestry Research, Vol.11, Pp89-94, 1998
  • Indicators and Criteria for Sustainable Forest Management in Subtropics in China. Forestry Resources Management Vol.4, Pp47-50, 1998 (co-authors).
  • Grain Production and Agriculture Disaster in the Northwest Shanxi Province. Journal of Beijing Normal University (Nat.), Vol.31, No.4, pp542-548, 1995.