Cox, Thomas

Thomas Cox
Instructor, GeoSpatial Science
Office: Lyons Science 201A
Phone: 910-672-1045


  • Bachelors - Oklahoma State University
  • Masters - Oklahoma State University
  • PhD. - Currently ABD Oklahoma State University

Teaching Courses

  • GEOG 110, Environmental Literacy (in person and online)
  • GEOG 200, Weather and Climate
  • GEOG 210, Principles of Geography (in person and online)
  • GEOG 320, Introduction to GIS
  • GEOG 325, Advanced GIS
  • GEOG 350, Physical Geography (online)

Research Interests

  • Mammoth localites
  • Pre-Clovis culture
  • Archaeology
  • Paleontology
  • Paleosols



  • Cox, T. 2014. Spatial and Geomorphological Analysis of Mammoth Localities in Western Oklahoma. Master's Thesis, Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University.

Technical Bulletins

  • Carlson, K. T. Cox, and L. Bement. 2014. Foss Mammoth skull excavation Custer County, Oklahoma. In Archaeological Resource Technical Report No. 3. Norman: The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Archaeological Survey.