Kadel, Bradley

Dr. Bradley Kadel
Associate Professor of History
Office: Taylor Science 209B
Phone: 910-672-2071
Email: bkadel@uncfsu.edu


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
  • M.A., American University
  • B.A., Luther College

Before coming to Fayetteville State University, Dr. Kadel worked in the Center on Education and Work in the Department of Education at the University of Wisconsin, where he worked on grant development and projects designed to level the playing field for students with disabilities.

Teaching Courses

  • HIST 120, World History Since 1600
  • HIST 271, Environmental HistoryHistory
  • HIST 311, Modern European History, 1600-1789
  • HIST 312, Modern European History, 1789 to the Present
  • HIST 380, Medieval Europe
  • HIST 382, History of Alcohol
  • HIST 441, History of England
  • HIST 480, Problems in European History: History of Ireland
  • HIST 490, Senior Seminar: World War II and the Holocaust

Research Interests

  • Early Modern and Modern European history
  • History of Modern Ireland
  • History of alcohol and temperance
  • Holocaust Studies
  • Web-based instruction and distance education


Books and Book Chapters
  • Kadel, Bradley. “Temperance and Alcohol Regulation In The Eighteenth Century World.” In Haine, W. Scott ed., Alcohol In The Age Of Reason, 1750-1850. New York: Bloomsbury, forthcoming.
  • Kadel, Bradley. “Frederick Douglas in Ireland, 1845-46.” in Johnson, Stanley ed., A Serious Sequence of Hidden Historical Accounts. New York, Lynus Publications, 2016.
  • Kadel, Bradley. Drink and Culture in Nineteenth Century Ireland. London/New York: I.B. Tauris, 2015
Articles and Reviews
  • Review by Peter Hession, "Bradley Kadel. Drink and Culture in Nineteenth Century Ireland: The Alcohol Trade and the Politics of the Irish Public House." The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs 33, no. 1 (Spring 2019): 153-155.
  • Kadel, Bradley. “The Public House” and “St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations” in Black, Rachel, ed. Alcohol in Popular Culture. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2012.
  • Kadel, Bradley. “The Making of British Identity: a review essay of Linda Coley, Britons: Forging the Nation, 1770-1837, in Britain and the World, no. 1, vol. 14 (March, 2011).
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