Andre Harris

Andre Harris is a junior at FSU and is majoring in Social Work.

Andre HarrisWhy did you choose your major?
I chose to pursue a degree in Social Work because it closely matched my interest in providing adequate psycho-social services to the Sickle Cell population. With a Social Work degree, I will be able to make a lasting impact on a demographic of patients that mean so much to me by addressing some of the needs that are not properly addressed in the healthcare settings by healthcare providers.

Can you tell of an experience you had with a professor?

One of the most positive experiences I have had with a professor would be my experiences with Dr. Dorrance Kennedy. I had the privilege to be a student in two of his classes so far, and to date, he has been my favorite and best instructor I have ever had. Dr. Kennedy's teaching style is very provocative. He includes historical importance to his coursework and he stresses the importance of being culturally aware and competent as not only a future social worker, but as a human being. Dr. Kennedy has made it emphatically clear that as social workers we need to be as well rounded as possible, and he definitely reflects that in all of the classes I have had the honor to take with him.

How has FSU supported you to reach your goals?

FSU supported me in reaching my goals by affording me the opportunity to travel to China. Summer 2017, I studied abroad in Shanghai, China and FSU helped me by giving me a stipend for travel. FSU has also provided me with a plethora of resources that make me aware of what's available to me as not only a student of Fayetteville State, and an HBCU, but as a student at large.

What message would you like to give a prospective student coming to FSU?

If I was able to give a prospective student a message I would tell them that FSU was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Some people discredit the value of an HBCU and of public institutions, however, I will unashamedly say that as a former student of a PWI and private university, FSU's quality of learning and the resources and opportunities made to its students make it a great choice.

I'm proud to be a bronco because...

I'm proud to be a bronco because I am able to add to the rich culture and heritage to the learning community that proceeds me of upwards 150 years. I am proud to be a bronco because I am able to be a part of a loving community that adds value and a sense of pride to all of its students, alumni and faculty/staff.