Lakeeta Locket

I am Lakeeta Lockett. I am a First-Time Freshman.

Lakeeta LocketMy major is Forensic Science with a Concentration in Biology. I chose this major because it has always been my dream to pursue a career as a Ballistics and Firearms Expert. FSU has helped me reach my goals by allowing me to be a part of the only Forensic Science Accredited Program in the state. FSU cares about making sure I succeed and is always supportive. My professors care about me and even take time outside of class to listen and help make decisions about my future endeavors. The best message I could give any student coming to FSU is, It's you against you every day, so make sure the right you wins. Always put your future first. I am proud to be a bronco because I know I am being shaped into everything I hope to become and more.