Dr. Leslie-Dawn Quick

My name is Dr. Leslie-Dawn Quick. Attending Fayetteville State University and obtaining my master’s degree in criminal justice forever changed the trajectory of my life.

Leslie Quick

When I was first accepted into the program, I thought I wanted to get my master's degree and eventually work in fraud investigations. Instead, I gained a passion for studying how the criminal justice system impacts our day-to-day lives and made life-long friendships and gained amazing mentors.

Since graduating in 2012, I have obtained my PhD and am now an assistant professor with my own students. At FSU I learned the skills and gained the knowledge I needed to be successful in furthering my education. Dr. Lisa Barlow and Dr. Emily Lenning were amazing mentors who encouraged me to chase my dreams and to write my thesis.

In addition to having these amazing professors as mentors, I knew I could rely on many others who are still in the department such as Dr. Angela Taylor, Dr. Michael DeValve, Dr. Sara Brightman, Dr. Bonnie Grohe, Dr. David Barlow, and Dr. Miriam DeLone who is now Assistant Dean. Without the strong mentorship, and the knowledge I gained, from obtaining my master's degree at FSU, I would not have been inspired to continue my education or to obtain my doctorate degree.

I strive to be as good of a professor and mentor to my own students as the faculty of FSU were to me.