Evansha André

Evansha André is a junior in Sociology.

EvanshaFor a long time, I have always been interested in learning about our social world. There is so much to know about our society along with the dynamics of human beings living in it. The learning never stops in the field of sociology, and this is the reason I decided to major in it. After taking that course, it truly left a meaningful impact on my career decision. I had constant thoughts about the course, and there was an internal drive to pursue a career in sociology, so from that moment on I knew it was the chosen path for me. The sociology department and its faculty are very welcoming and supportive of its students through every step of their academic goals. After graduating, I hope to become a social researcher to work for the United Nations or the United States Census Bureau. A degree in sociology will allow me to learn and sharpen the necessary skills in statistical methods and research findings to become a successful researcher.