Tanjeniqwa Smith

Tanjeniqwa Smith, is a Psychology Major and will graduate in 2018.

Tanjeniqwa SmithWhy did you choose your major?
I chose my major because I have always been interested in the social sciences. I have always been drawn to the way individuals behave and the theories that help explain their actions. I want to use my degree to attend graduate school to become a professional in my chosen field.

Can you tell of a positive experience you had with a professor?

Although I am an online student, I have had many positive experiences with professors. There was one professor whose class I was afraid to take initially but in the end I was happy that I did. The course was very organized, I was able to complete and turn in my assignments with ease. Any resources I needed to understand the material more thoroughly was readily available. When I interacted with her she was always pleasant and knowledgeable. The class was challenging and it helped me to grow so much academically. Although it was completely online it felt as if I was a student in her face to face class. From the expectations that she had to the intriguing questions she asked in discussion posts, I was able to apply the concepts learned in multiple ways and most importantly to my very own life.

How has FSU supported you to reach your goals?

By day I work with Pre K students and by night, during the semester, I am also an online student. Throughout my time and even now I am able to work full time and utilize what I learn in class while working with other educators and children. Without being able to complete my degree online I would not be able to work and utilize what I learn in my work environment. The career service center has also been a great support system as well. It has helped me discover what opportunities are there for me as a psych major and what the next steps I should take with my degree.

What message would you like to give a prospective student coming to FSU?

No matter if you are a traditional student, a transfer student or a continuing education student Fayetteville State will support you and ensure that you are receiving an optimal educational experience.

I'm proud to be a bronco because....

As I grow and develop into a professional that values excellence I am being supported by an institution that embodies it. As a bronco I am being equipped with the necessary skills that I am able to utilize not only my professional career but also my life.