Shelby Holloman

“What stands out about FSU is that we are like a family. You interact with so many different people from different backgrounds. The events we have bring everyone together. It’s a big support system.”

Shelby HollomanShelby Holloman '19 - Hampton, VA
Political Science Major, English Minor

As an RA, I tell my residents, "Don't just email a professor, go to their office. They want you to visit them!" I enjoy the bonds I have with my professors and how welcoming they are to students. I can just walk into their offices - even just to talk about my day.

My professors are very passionate about what they are teaching, which inspires us as students. They are interested in our thoughts and want to have discussions on a variety of topics. Their desire to learn more themselves shows us the learning process never stops.My goal is to go to law school after graduating from FSU. Being in the Pre-Law Society has given me the knowledge and prep I need to get ready for law school. We go to conferences, learn LSAT strategies, and get the opportunity to interact with professionals currently working in the law field on a one-on-one basis.FSU has given me a vision, a sense of self, and a direction. Most importantly, FSU has given me a foundation I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. I am very proud to be a Bronco!