Shontae L. Halsey

My name is Shontae L. Halsey and I am a US Army retired veteran as well as a student, here at Fayetteville State University. I have always been interested in the criminal justice system.

ShontaeThe answers I searched for as a student was who make and execute the laws/ while who are the most affected by these laws, what are the impacts of legislation/policy, when will we have CRJ reform, where are policies the harshest, and why does certain populations suffer the most from these laws. I am mostly interested in policy because this topic has directly impacted my family and community. I am interested in why certain laws are passed and who suffer most from legislative policies that may target specific demographics. I am also fascinated with the power and authority model of our existing structural systems. I enjoy the mere act of learning and consider myself a life-time student. I begin studying criminal justice on active duty, back in 2001. As you may know, being a Soldier and attending college is sometimes impossible to do. However, just attending one class per semester sparked my interest in this very important topic. I finally completed the Bachelor's of Criminal Justice degree this summer, 2017 and I must say, that it feels great to finally complete something this important to me. Life happens, so the most important advice I must give to my fellow students is "do it now!" Be diligent in your dreams and goals, while acknowledging it is not a good idea to take long extended breaks from learning. Additionally, the FSU CRJ department has been very supportive and amazing throughout my process as a student. The CRJ professors all have unique experience and teaching styles, making learning fun and reasonable. My critical thinking, research methods and writing styles have improved tremendously under their leadership. I have gained so much knowledge and proficiency from the staff, as well as life-long friends and mentors. If you apply yourself here, you will walk away with irreplaceable wealth. I am so grateful to attend an HBCU and have the support that I needed to achieve my short and long-term goals.