Ericka Ashley

I started my college career at Gardner-Webb University, went there for 2 years, and it was there that I decided to major in Health/Physical Education.

Ericka AshleyGrowing up, sports was my outlet. My childhood wasn't the best, and the teachers, and coaches in my school had a good idea. So, it was my teachers, and coaches who pushed me to be the person I am today. I chose to major in Health/Physical education, because after being saved, and of the Christian faith, I felt that my calling was to help kids, and because I have a strong passion for sports, that's where I knew I would make the biggest impact. I knew I could relate to kids. My junior year is when I transferred to Fayetteville State University, and continued the path to being a Health/Physical educator. It was at FSU where I met lifelong friends, and mentors.

My Journey at FSU was great. The professors were knowledgeable, and used real life experiences from the classroom, and implemented them in theirs. The team at FSU will never let you down! They will never let you fail. If you failed, it was because you made that decision. I will cherish my family at FSU, and the memories made in each classroom each semester. I want forget the push to be the teacher that wouldn't be known as average! After FSU I landed a job at a local middle school, along with coaching high school softball. I have been teaching now, for a total of 4 years, and coaching for 3. I am also the P.E department chair.

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