Matthew Montero-Pinales

FSU is a friendly, family-oriented school. All of my classes are very small, and I can always easily get help from my professors during office hours or after class.

Matthew montero-pinalesOne of the main reasons I chose FSU was for the LEAP Scholars Program. I earned credits for free, and I was in school a month before the fall semester started. I had already made friends and learned where everything was on campus by the time everyone else arrived.

It's very easy to find things to do and ways to get involved on campus. Being involved in student organizations has been one of the best parts of being at FSU. As a Bronco Ambassador, I give campus tours to prospective students. I like to show people what a great school FSU is. A lot of people don't know about some of the resources FSU offers, like the free textbook rental program.I'm in the Student Government Association, and everyone is really passionate about making changes so our school will continue to improve and grow. SGA and the other organizations I'm in have taught me leadership skills, time management, how to work under pressure, and have helped me figure out that I want to pursue marketing after graduation and eventually return to teach at FSU.

Matthew Montero-Pinales '20 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Business Major with a Concentration in Marketing