Daphne Faircloth

Come to FSU! There are programs and opportunities here that will help you realize your dreams. You'll leave with more than just your degree.

Daphne FairclothBe involved, participate in clubs and internships, attend events, learn what it is like to be part of the Bronco family. There are always events being hosted by organizations to both educate and entertain, and community spaces where friends can relax and socialize during their free time.

I came to FSU as a transfer student, and have been a member of AUTOS, the commuter student organization, since the fall of 2015. Being part of organizations on campus broadened my campus experience in wonderful ways. I wanted to be involved in campus events...attending and participating, instead of being a spectator. I have developed friendships and forged networks that will persist long after graduation.

Every professor and staff member I met during my time at FSU has been positive and focused on preparing students for their futures in academia or industry. Dr. Sambit Bhattacharya, in particular has been an inspiration: he is brilliant and honest in his feedback, pushing to make me a better researcher and computer scientist.

FSU is a growing, engaging, diverse community focused on helping students gain an education as well as a greater awareness of themselves and their potential. As a recent graduate, I know the degree I've earned will allow me to pursue a career that interests and motivates me, and I am grateful I was able to receive it from FSU.

Daphne Faircloth, Fall '17 - Autryville, NC
Computer Science Major, Mathematics Minor